Update from the CDD

All residents can find more CDD information at this website:

Dear Parkway Center CDD Resident,

At the recent CDD meeting that was held on 5/27, the board of supervisors voted to explore the possibility of increasing the budget for 2021. The reason for a potential increase to the budget is that the district is now over 25 years old and has aging assets that will need replaced down the road. The increase to the budget would allow the district to build up its reserve account so there were adequate funds on hand to replace assets beyond their useful life.  The impact to each resident would be between $5.00 to $11.00 per month depending on the size of your lot.

Please note that the district is just considering an increase and will not make a final decision until the public hearing in August .The board at the public hearing may vote to do the increase, do a lesser increase or not to increase the budget at all.  All residents within the district will receive a notice in the mail that explains this process and the date, time and location of the public hearing. You will receive this notice 30 days prior to the scheduled public hearing. If you have any questions please contact Brian Howell at .


Parkway Center CDD

Recycling Update

FYI—- Hillsborough County Recycle will NOT be picked till further notice by the garbage department due to Corona Virus drivers being out.  Also when we put the garbage out it may not be picked up on our scheduled days or maybe picked up the next day.  Therefore, if it goes out Monday and Thursday and it has not been picked up yet, please LEAVE IT OUT for the next day.

Crime Update – No thefts of burglary in the past 6 months